2020: what a year and what’s next?

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Blog

Happy New Year 2021

Well that was an adventure wasn’t it! 2020 is done and dusted and as we look forward to a new year and new possibilities we thought we would take this opportunity to review the past year and what has been achieved.

Imagine choosing 2020 as the year to start a business. Well that’s exactly what we did. Of course we didn’t know what was coming, no one did but just as we were setting up and starting operations COVID hit like a cyclone and turned the world we know upside down. So the question became do we pull the pin or do we press on? Obviously we pressed on and we are glad we did.

You see, operating a business such as Translocal during the COVID-19 pandemic and with it’s associated lockdowns and restrictions provided us with a unique opportunity and responsibility. We were in a position to help everyone else get through the storm and saw it as our duty to be there to do what we could.

As a transport and logistics business Translocal was classed as essential. So as stage 4 restrictions closed Metro Melbourne down and severely restricted movement we were signing permitted worker permits which enabled us to travel and work anywhere in Victoria. And travel we did.

Customers needed us to go to the places they couldn’t go to collect the essential supplies and equipment they otherwise couldn’t get. We also helped keep other businesses going for example, we were able to do deliveries for a Melton based metal fabricator keeping them in business where they would have otherwise had to close their doors.

Most of those restrictions have lifted now and life has returned to something approximating normal but we are proud that we were able to do our little bit to help people get through what was a pretty tough time for everyone.

And now as we all settle into a COVID normal we are still here delivering for our customers having weathered the storm ourselves. Yes it was an adventure but Translocal has come through 2020 having established a good customer base and a reputation for excellent customer service and getting the job done.

We would like to thank our valued customers, all those people who have decided to support our business and as we head into 2021 we look forward to making even more friends and providing even better services to all of you.


The Translocal Team.

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