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by | Jul 7, 2020 | Blog

Translocal serving local business

Do you operate a business in the greater Melton area? Do you need to deliver large bulky items to your customers? Would you like a convenient and cost effective delivery solution that avoids the hassles that come with operating your own vehicle? Translocal might just be the answer! Read on to learn more.


Get an Edge!

Increase your competitiveness by minimising the cost you pass on to your customers. In some circumstances Translocal would be more cost effective than operating your own delivery vehicle and certainly cheaper than other delivery alternatives.


Calculating the cost of a delivery is easy!

Our rates are:
$1.50 per km PLUS $30 per hour. Charged from arrival at the pickup address until unloaded, packed up and ready to be paid at the delivery address. Km rate calculated according to Google Maps suggested route from pick up address to delivery address. We do it this way rather than on actual km travelled so we can quote in advance. Hourly rate charged at a minimum of one hour and then in 15 minute blocks rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes for jobs that take longer than one hour.

So because most deliveries will be completed within an hour you can simply calculate $30 plus the distance from the pickup address to the delivery address x $1.50 per km. Compare that to your current delivery method.



Most deliveries within the greater Melton area would cost between $35 and $45. We could even deliver as far away as Sunbury, Caroline Springs or Bacchus Marsh for between $56 and $66*


Excellent customer service!

Don’t trust your reputation to just anyone! At Translocal we pride ourselves on providing second-to-none customer service. We are constantly going above and beyond and this of course extends to your customers as well.


Negotiable terms!

You can pay for each delivery as you go or we can invoice you on terms that suit your accounting needs. Let’s have a chat and see what works best for your business.



Deliveries is one of those elements of your business that is often better outsourced to someone who specialises in that field. For all of the above reasons, we reckon Translocal is your best and only choiuce.

So contact us for a chat about how we can best serve your needs and let us deliver for both you and your customers.

*all prices listed here are estimates only. So while they will be in the ball park, actual prices may be more or less depending on variables associated with the actual job.

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