Collecting your clicks under stage 4

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Blog

Click and Collect

Hi all, how is lockdown treating you? I know, stupid question right!

Melbourne has been under stage 4 coronavirus restrictions for weeks now and it has been a tough time for everyone. Importantly, Melburnians have been largely compliant with the restrictions which is a great thing because that is the only way out of stage 4. But still, it has been a difficult time.

Part of the problem is getting what you need because of course you can’t go more that 5 Km from home unless you are going to work. So what if you need something that is more than 5 Km from your home? What if you live in Melton and your washing machine or fridge breaks down so you urgently need a replacement and the only appliance retailer who stocks the one you need at a reasonable price is in Hoppers Crossing? That’s where we come in.

You see Translocal is a permitted business under stage 4 restrictions (yes we have permits). So you might not be able to go more than 5 Km from home but we can. You also might not have access to a ute or trailer either so in that case we would be doubly handy but in any event, we are also often cheaper than the stores own delivery service. Seriously, not naming any stores but we are often called upon to collect from retailers who have their own delivery service because (according to our customers) we were significantly cheaper.

So if you need something picked up and delivered COVID safe from somewhere and you can’t go and get it yourself, give us a call. It costs nothing to get a quote.

Again this has been a tough time but we are happy and proud that we are able to support our fellow Victorians and help people get what they need delivered to their home.

The Translocal Team

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