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COVID Update

Update 22 July 2020

As of midnight tonight (22 July 2020) it will become mandatory to wear face masks when outside your home within Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire. For your protection (and our own) we are already wearing them 🙂

Original post 6 May 2020

Hi all, we just wanted to share some information with you about how Translocal is operating during the coronavirus restrictions as well as some helpful advice we have received from Health and Human Services Victoria.

As a transport and logistics service Translocal is considered an essential service and will continue to operate during the coronavirus shutdown. As many of you already know, we at Translocal are doing everything we can to protect ourselves and our customers and to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We are already observing the social distancing guidelines and we wear gloves when we are handling your goods but there is more we can do.

We have had another chat with the Health and Human Services Department of Victoria and have been given some more advice for you to help keep you safe.

According to the experts, coronavirus can live on hard surfaces such as glass, metal and timber for up to three days. While we take all care, there is no way for us to know if an item we are delivering has come into contact with the virus in the past three days. So the advice is, once we have delivered your goods to you and before you use or handle them, wash or disinfect the item(s).

The advice is you can simply wash items down with soap and water or if you prefer, a good disinfectant. We are also advised that Glen 20 if effective if it is sprayed liberally on surfaces and left of at least 20 seconds before wiping off.

So there you go. We are happy to do our bit to keep everyone safe and we look forward to delivering for you soon. So if you’re stuck at home and need something delivered, we are here for you. Click here to get in touch.

Cheers for now 🙂

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