Notice: Pricing adjustment effective 4 March 2023

by | Mar 4, 2023 | Blog


Hi all,

You all know that Translocal’s pricing is designed to provide our customers with the best value possible while still keeping the business viable. But occasionally we need to make adjustments to our pricing to account for changes in the costs associated with running the business. That’s why we are making a slight adjustment effective from 4 March 2023.

The full details of our rates and charges can be found on our pricing page but for the purpose of this notice, we have made a slight change to the hourly rate component of our fees. Effective from 4 March 2023 the standard hourly rate for transport and delivery services will be $40 per hour, up from $35. Also in the event that we need to provide 2 team members for a job the hourly rate for the second team member will be $30 per hour, up from $25.

There is no change to the per Km rate which will remain at $1.80 per Km. These rates only apply to transport and delivery services. Removals services are charged at a different rate.

So again, please read the information on our pricing page for a full explanation of our fees and charges. Going forward we will continue to strive to provide our customers with the best value and service possible and we look forward to delivering for you soon.

The Translocal Team.

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