Pricing adjustment effective 18 March 2022

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Blog

Fuel prices

Hi all, just a quick post to let you know that we have made a slight adjustment to our pricing.

As we are sure you’re all aware there has been a significant jump in fuel prices recently which has obviously increased the costs involved in supplying our services. We held off as long as we could hoping that the Federal Government would cut the fuel excise to provide some relief but now it seems that has been ruled out. So sadly we are left with little choice but to adjust our pricing to account for the increased fuel prices.

Effective from 18 March 2022 we will move from $1.50 per Km to $1.94 per Km but don’t be alarmed. This increase isn’t as significant as it might seem. We charge only partly by distance, the rest of our charge is by time. The full details of our pricing can be found on our pricing page so here we will simply provide a couple of examples so you can see the actual effect of this change.

A job that was going just 5 Km and can be completed easily within an hour would previously cost $37.50. This same job would now cost $39.70.

A job going from say Melton to Bacchus Marsh travelling 16 Km’s would have cost $54 under the old rate, now $61.04 which in reality we would just round down to $61.

A job from Deer Park back to Melton travelling 20 Km’s would have cost $60 now $68.80.

We feel strongly that businesses should be transparent with their pricing and this is us being transparent with you. As much as we would prefer not to have to adjust our pricing it has now become unavoidable but of course our dedication to our customers and to providing the best service will never change.

Thank you and we look forward to the next time we serve you.

Regards, the Translocal Team.

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