So what kind of jobs can Translocal help with?

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What kind of jobs can Translocal help with?

What kind of jobs can Translocal help with? Well pretty much any job that you used to rent a trailer or ute for. Notice we said used to? Because now that Translocal is here you’ll never need to rent a trailer again. That’s a pretty broad description of what Translocal can do though so let us list the ways we can help you including some you might not have thought of.

Online buyer / seller

Translocal actually started out as a service designed to enable access to online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access these marketplaces. People such as the elderly, single parents, the disabled and anyone else who may not have access to a suitable vehicle or someone to help out.

Today this is still a core part of our business and we are pleased to be able to provide this enabling service as well as provide a better alternative to trailer and ute rental for everyone.

So if you just bought a couch on the Facebook Marketplace or a fridge on Gumtree and you’re considering your options to get it home, now there’s only really one. Translocal.

Just bought from a furniture store or other retailer and need delivery?

Often we are cheaper than the stores own delivery service. Not naming any names but we have been told by customers who hired us to pick up their new bed or washing machine that the store wanted $50 or $70 for delivery. For most local jobs within the greater Melton area we would charge between $35 and $45 dollars.

But even when we are not cheaper, people who know us trust us to take care of their new goods. They think it’s worth paying extra for superior service 🙂

What about hardware and building supplies?

Need some timber delivered or a few bags of cement? If it can fit on our one ton tray ute then we can deliver it.

Our tray is 1800 mm wide by 2300 mm long and the sides can be removed to carry even longer loads if needed. She will also take up to a metric ton (1000 Kg) so if you’re building or renovating and need to pick up some supplies, give us a call.

How about soil or gravel?

Up to a cubic metre. Just be prepared to help shovel it out of the tray and sweep her out when done.

Tip runs?

Yes we do tip runs too. We even have a list of the rates for the Melton Recycling Facility so we can just add the tip fees to our charge for the job and you’re done in one easy transaction.

Because we need to pay the tip fees before we can unload we need to charge in advance for tip runs.

The general mover

We are back to those jobs where once upon a time you might have considered renting a trailer. If it is the BBQ you are lending to a mate or the couch you have decided to give to the kids. If you need it moved then save yourself the hassle of running around and just call Translocal. Job done!

Business customers

Do you operate a business in the greater Melton area? Do you or would you like to deliver large or bulky items to your customers? Would you like this at a reasonable price and without the hassles that come with operating your own vehicle?

Translocal can provide a cost effective solution for your delivery needs. We offer transparent pricing systems that enable you to calculate the cost of each delivery without needing to contact us every time you need a quote and negotiable payment terms to suit your accounting needs.

Contact us for a chat about how we can best serve your needs.


So there you go, this is just some of the many jobs Translocal can help you with. So take down our number and next time you need to move something, just give us a call. Or if you have a job now then get a quote.

Cheers for now 🙂

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