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by | Jul 20, 2021 | Blog

Tip runs

So you need to clear out some junk but how to get it all to the tip? 

Well you could hire a trailer at probably $50+ for a minimum 4 hours or rent a ute for significantly more. But not everyone has a tow bar and what if you don’t drive? What if you can’t physically lift the junk onto a ute or don’t have the time to deal with it yourself? 

And then there are the tip fees on top of any trailer or ute rental but how much are they going to be? Are there types of waste the tip doesn’t take or charges extra for?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that just comes and collects your junk and takes it to the tip for you and then just sends you one bill that includes the tip fees so you can make one convenient payment online. Wouldn’t it be great if that service knew the answers to all my questions. Well guess what, that service exists!

Tip runs is just one of the services Translocal provides and it really is as simple and easy as we come collect your junk, take it away and then send you a single bill that you can pay online from the comfort of your computer or smart phone.

We charge our fee to transport your waste from where it is to the nearest tip which is calculated partly on distance and partly on time and is usually cheaper than the alternatives like trailer or skip bin hire. Then we add the fees charged by the tip (yes we keep the receipt to show you) and then send you that convenient single bill via email.

It’s not always possible to estimate tip fees exactly but we can usually estimate within a reasonable ball park and we know all the extras and the items they don’t charge for like scrap metal.

So don’t waste time and money on the alternatives, just call Translocal for a free no obligation quote. We service Melton, Sunbury and Maddingley tips.

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