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frequently asked questions

There are certain questions we get asked a lot so we thought we would compile the most common ones into this list of FAQ’s


Are you still operating under stage 4 restrictions?

Yes! Translocal is a transport and logistics – road freight business and is therefore a permitted business under the stage 4 restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne. Yes we have permits.


What is your operating area? How far will you go for a job?

Because we are based in Melton we used to say that a job needed to start in, end in or pass through Melton but after we started operating it quickly became apparent that we didn’t need to restrict ourselves to this mode of operation. If the customer is prepared to pay a little extra on top to cover the dead (unpaid) miles we would need to travel to come out from Melton to do a job then we are prepared to travel and our customers have shown us they are happy to pay a little extra to get Translocal’s service and reliability.

For example, we often do local jobs in Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Caroline Springs, Hillside, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and the greater western and northern suburbs of Melbourne and we also do longer jobs that don’t necessarily connect to Melton. The best way to find out if we can handle your job is to ask. So get in touch.


Can you travel to regional Victoria?

Yes! We are permitted to do jobs that require us to travel to regional Victoria under stage 4 and have done several already. So if you need something delivered to Ballarat or picked up from Bendigo, give us a call.


Can you travel interstate?

At the present we do not have permits to travel interstate and for the time being have no intention of applying for them. But if you think you have a good reason why we should…


So what does Translocal do?

We describe Translocal as “your mate with a ute”. So think of all the things you could use a mate with a ute for, or all the things you might hire a trailer or van for and that’s what we do. We are a pickup and delivery service. We don’t have a warehouse so your goods come directly from the pickup address to you. If it is big enough to need a ute or trailer to move it then we are your solution.


Why should I use Translocal and not just rent a trailer or van?

Because for shorter more local jobs we are usually less expensive than trailer or van hire but even when we are not, you don’t have the hassle of picking up and returning the trailer or van after plus you have our help to get the job done.


Can you pick up my click-and-collect?

Yes! Most retailers will allow you to have us collect for you. Usually we just need you to send us a copy of your invoice as proof that we are authorised to collect.


The retailer I’m buying from delivers. Why should I use Translocal instead?

Because (according to our customers) we are often cheaper than the stores own delivery and by a significant margin in some cases (not naming any names). So whether you are buying new furniture or a new appliance from a retailer or whatever it is and they quote you for delivery, before you seal that deal give us a quick call. It might turn out to be worth it.

Can you pick up stuff I buy privately or on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace?

Yes! This is actually how Translocal started out, collecting items bought in online marketplaces for people who didn’t have access to a suitable vehicle or someone to help them collect items themselves. You handle the transaction with the seller and then call us to collect your item for you. If you need a quote for what delivery would cost before you buy then give us a call. Quotes cost nothing!


What other kind of stuff will you deliver?

If it fits on the ute we will deliver it. Except for dangerous goods, we don’t do that but anything that doesn’t burn explode or corrode is good. But seriously, if you need it delivered and we can get it onboard then it can be delivered. Whether that’s lengths of timber or bags of cement, a metal frame or a chook pen. We even have ramps so we can load a motorcycle or ATV. Here’s a great example, a Holden Rodeo ute tub we delivered for Stewart.


Like we said, if it fits on the ute… Just give us a call. We will soon be able to tell you if we can help you out.


What about tip runs?

Yep! This is even more important under stage 4 because the local tip is closed to the public but open to business customers. That means you can’t get in but we can. We maintain a list of the tip fees for the Melton Recycling Facility so we can usually estimate with reasonable accuracy what the tip fees will be for your load and we can find out for other tips.

Just remember with tip runs we have to ask you to pay in advance rather than after the job is done because we have to pay the tip fees up front.


I own a business that needs to deliver large or bulky items to my customers. What can Translocal do for me?

Deliveries is one of those things that is often better outsourced. Depending on how many deliveries you do it may be more cost effective to use us than to operate your own vehicle and definitely less stress and hassle.

At Translocal we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and that extends to your customers too. We firmly believe in the idea of “focus on the customer and all else will follow”.

So with cost effective rates and a contractor who will go above and beyond to make your customers happy, all you need now is negotiable payment terms. Whether you would prefer to pay for each delivery as you go or be invoiced for a set period, we can have a chat about organising invoicing that suits your accounting needs.


What kind of payment options do you have?

Cash, card (mobile EFTPOS for credit or debit card), Apple Pay, Google Pay and we can even email you an electronic invoice which you can pay securely online from the comfort of your own computer or smart phone. So as you can see we have an option to suit everyone.



We hope this list of FAQ’s was helpful but if we still haven’t answered your question you can always get in touch. It costs nothing to ask.


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