Why should I hire Translocal and not just rent a trailer or ute?

by | May 10, 2020 | Blog

Don't rent a trailer

Why should you hire Translocal and not just rent a trailer or ute? That’s a great question and one we get asked often. Here’s the answer.


First of all, price!

For a local job we are often cheaper than hiring a trailer. With Translocal, a job that involves picking up and delivering within the greater Melton area that can be completed within an hour would typically cost somewhere between $35 and $45.

We searched online for local trailer hire and found that a popular trailer hire service (that shall remain nameless), even for its minimum hire period of 4 hours charged $54.45 for a plain trailer capable of carrying less than half the weight of our ute. Ute hire was even more expensive.

So for local jobs Translocal is a bargain but even for longer jobs where we might be more expensive than the trailer hire remember it’s not just the cost of the trailer, you are paying for the running costs of the tow vehicle too!

But wait, there’s more reasons to hire Translocal…


You don’t have to pick up and drop off the trailer

But of course, if you hire a trailer or ute then you have to go to their depot, hire the trailer or vehicle, go do the job and then return the trailer or vehicle afterwards. That takes a lot of time out of your day. If you hire Translocal we turn up at the pickup address, do the job and then bid you goodbye at the delivery address. Job done and no extra hassle.

But wait, there’s even more…


The extra pair of hands

If you hire a trailer then you have to do the job yourself but if you hire Translocal then you have our help to get the job done. And we are an expert second pair of hands with many years experience in the transport and logistics industry.

For those of you who can’t assist with loading and unloading and need that extra help to move items that are a two man lift, for an extra fee we can send two team members and do the whole job for you.

One of our biggest reasons for existing is to enable those who don’t have access to a suitable vehicle or someone to help to buy, sell or move items they normally wouldn’t be able to. People like the elderly, disabled, single mothers etc. We are here to help.


The extra equipment

If needed we can bring along a tilt trolley to help move items and at all times we carry all the equipment needed to make sure your load is properly and securely restrained. You don’t get that when you hire a trailer do you?



So that’s why you want to hire Translocal and not bother with trailer or ute hire again. If you have any more questions then feel free to contact us or if you’re ready to hire our services now go to our Get a Quote page.

Cheers for now.

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