You click, we collect

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Blog

You click we collect

Click and collect is great if you have the ability to collect. But what if the item or items you are buying are a bit too big to fit in a car boot? Sure most retailers will deliver but with many of them (not naming any names) their delivery charge is a bit over the top. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a mate with a ute?

Well guess what, you do!

When offered delivery by a retailer many of our customers say, “No thank you. We’ll have our people collect that”. Because they know they can get a better deal from Translocal. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, hardware or anything else on the larger side. Translocal can collect your clicks for you and usually all we need is for you to send us a copy of your receipt or invoice.

So next time you’re buying from a retailer and they offer you delivery at a cost, before you say yes contact us for a quote. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Looking forward to the next time we deliver for you.

The Translocal Team.

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